Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Your Travel Guide

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  Lets start with beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Its located 120 miles northwest of Acapulco on the Pacific Coast.   It has an average temperature of 82 degrees with over 300 days of sunshine a year.  The night time temperature is 70 degrees. The dry season runs from October to April. You’re almost guaranteed a sunny, warm day for 6 months of the year.

The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim pull his yacht into the bay at Zihuatanejo every winter to vacation.

  However, people with even the most modest means can also afford just about everything Z has to offer.

 You can get all you want to eat, drink and a place to stay for less than $50 a day!

  It’s beautiful white sand beach, “La Ropa” served as the backdrop in the Meg Ryan movie, “When a Man Loves a Woman”.

  Women of all kinds walk the beach! Every morning and evening it’s the place to be for people off all ages, whether you walk, run or crawl to get your daily exercise.

  The area also offers some of the world’s best sportfishing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, golf… just about anything you’d like to do in or by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

  Getting to Zihuatanejo is easy. The airport (ZIH), located 8 miles out of town serves Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, which is just 5 miles north of Z.

  Once you get off the plane and walk out the door of the small airport, you’ll be bombarded by taxi drivers wanting to charge you $35 or more for the ride to your motel. You can make the trip for less than $1.

  When you walk out the airport door, look left across the parking lot. Small buses stop every ten minutes or so. They’ll charge you less than $1 for a ride into downtown Z. I would suggest getting off at the Central Mercado (market), the local market. Just tell your bus driver, “Central Mercado.”

  Once you step off the bus, there are taxis EVERYWHERE to take you to your final destination for about $4. If you’re staying downtown, you’re now within a 4 blocks walking distance of all hotels!

  If you’re set on staying on the beach, the best beach is “La Ropa”. That $4 cab ride will take you to whatever hotel you’re staying on the beach.  I would recommend “Villa Mexicana”, Sotavento or Catalina Hotels. *If you’re not much of a walker, stay at the Villa Mexicana. Both the   Sotavento and Catalina have A LOT of steps.

X  Municipal Market

X Marks the spot of the Central Market (Mercado) in downtown Zihuatanejo (below). Downtown is located just to the left. Walk toward the water to look around, the sidewalks will lead you to the Municipal Pier.

  Most folks on their first trip will be most comfortable by staying at one of the hotels along Playa La Ropa.

X  Municipal Pier

X  La Ropa Beach


                                     Where to Stay

 If you’re traveling to Mexico, you’ll more than likely want an ocean view. They’re isn’t a hotel that offers every guest a better view or better beach than hotels on La Ropa.

  You can walk right out of your room to beautiful La Ropa beach.

  It’s built right along the Pacific Ocean with a sunset you just can’t imagine. Plus, every day you can have your meal, while having a front row seat to one of the best views in the world!

  If you’re on a tighter budget you can still enjoy the beach everyday. It’s a 25 minute walk from downtown or a 65 cent bus ride or a $4 taxi ride. Once you’re at the beach, you can rent chairs, umbrellas, etc…. For about $5 a day.







                    TIGHT BUDGET?

  Now if you’re on a tight budget and you’re more adventurous stay in downtown Zihua. The block of streets between the Central Municipal Market and Pier are safe. I’ve never had a problem after a dozen trips to Z. This area is constantly patrolled by police.

  The tourist season is a little slow this year, so you can find many downtown motels for $35-$45 a night that have air conditioning and cable TV!

  You don’t have to worry about booking ahead for the downtown motels and hotels. There are plenty of them to go around this year.

  There are also lots of celebrations going on this year as Mexico celebrates its 200 anniversary of its Revolution. Many nights feature dancers, singers and all kinds of free acts. Plus, you’ll have a great time meeting people from all over the globe!


  There’s been a lot of talk lately about Mexico drug wars, murder and more. It’s true. But, most of it is happening along the U.S.-Mexico border. And all it has been between drug dealers or drug dealers and police. There has also been some of it in the same state as Zihuatanejo. But, I’ve just talked with people who live there year round, and it has not been a problem in Z. If you’re not in the drug business, you have nothing to fear. The town of Zihuatanejo is very heavily patrolled night and day to make sure all of us gringos come back to spend more money another day. If you’d like to learn more from an official source, check out the U.S. State Department website travel warnings.

  If you like to fish, Z is the place to be!

  Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna… you name it, they’ve got it.

  A small, boat with guide will run around $150 a day for as many as 5 people!


  During your stay in Zihua, you must, at least one night dine at Coconuts.

  It will cost you around $25 a plate, but it’s well worth the experience.

  All of the celebrities stop here when they’re in town.

  Pull up to the bar and have a cool one, where Hollywood legend, John Wayne did, when he sailed into town!

  Don’t worry, you can also have a great meal for $3!!! Try out the street vendor frying hamburgers by the basketball court downtown!


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